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The earthquake in Karditsa reminds the value of insurance against any unforeseen natural phenomenon. Get informed!

By 1 June 2022No Comments

A 4.9 magnitude earthquake occurred shortly after 10 am on Friday in Mouzaki, Karditsa and was felt in Thessaly, Epirus and Central Greece. This fact reminds us of the value of property insurance contracts against any unforeseen natural phenomena.

The “Earthquake” provision is given by all companies as an optional coverage within the property insurance contracts and as a mandatory coverage within the mortgage insurance contracts. Compensates for the material damage that will be caused to a building and / or content, home and business, as a result of an Earthquake and the consequences of the phenomenon such as e.g. Fire / Explosion, Landslide / Landslide, Tidal Wave, etc., up to the insured capital listed in the benefits table and depending on the company.