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Want to know if your insurance consultant is certified? Do you want to make sure he is not a paratrooper by profession and that you can trust him? Then…, visit the online platform: It is the Register of Active Insurance Intermediaries.

Through this site you can find out:
for the validity of the insurance intermediary
whether he is an insurance agent, insurance consultant or insurance broker.
whether it has a license to sell investment products, ie Certificate D
whether he has the possibility of providing cross-border insurance mediation, but also about the status of his work

The Register of Insurance Brokers, whose history begins with Presidential Decree 190/2006, clarifies the long-standing murky landscape in the market and gives the insurance broker a “pass” so that he can get jobs from the countries of the European Union.

The “Register” for the state is equivalent to a means of calculating professional income and insurance contributions, while for insurance companies a way of looking for their partners. But more than anyone else, consumers are the winners.

What information should your insurers provide to you first?

Before concluding the insurance contract, the insurance intermediaries must provide to their clients:

their identity and address
the register in which they are registered and how to verify the registration
Any direct or indirect participation in a specific insurance company when their participation exceeds 10% of the voting rights or its capital
Any direct or indirect participation of a specific insurance company or parent company or parent specific insurance company that exceeds 10% of the voting rights or capital of the insurance intermediary
the procedures referred to in Article 10 which allow clients and any interested party to lodge complaints with insurance intermediaries and, where appropriate, of the out-of-court dispute settlement procedures provided for in Article 10 (2)

Also, according to the terms of informing the client, the insurance intermediary should provide the clients with all written information, clearly and accurately and be understood by the client, in the official language of the Member State or if there is an agreement in another language.

For any problems that arise between the client and the insurer, the client can submit a written complaint against the insurance intermediary to the Private Insurance Supervision Directorate that belongs to the BoG.

DEIA can refer the dispute if it is accepted by both interested members to the Consumer Ombudsman. However, this does not limit an out-of-court settlement of the dispute.


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