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A €150 fine is coming to those who have not had their vehicles in KTEO inspected. As was the case with the electronic cross-checking of uninsured vehicles, something similar will happen now.

According to Law 4530/30-3-2018 (article 55), which will come into force on 1 October, those owners of cars and motorcycles who have not passed a technical inspection of their vehicles by that date will be fined 150 euros.

The fine will be confirmed in cash by the tax administration (TEDE), which practically means that it will appear on the taxisnet and does not distinguish between cars, two-wheelers or trucks.

What is foreseen

All vehicles (cars and two-wheelers) undergo an KTEO inspection at 4 years from their first circulation and every two years thereafter (except for taxis and heavy vehicles for which the inspection is annual).

If a vehicle does not pass the KTEO on time, it is subject to a fine, which is as follows:

EUR 16 for passenger cars for the first month of delay
EUR 33 for up to six months, and
EUR 65 for more than six months.

Vehicles (cars and two-wheelers) that are found not to have passed the KTEO will be additionally charged a fine of 150 euros, which will be notified via Taxisnet.

It is estimated that currently about 20% of vehicles (about 1 million vehicles) in circulation have not passed an KTEO.


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